Please note that the instructions for incoming wire transfers in Swiss Francs (CHF) have been updated. You will need to communicate the revised instructions to your sending bank for future wire transfers.

Effective March 29, 2019, failure to follow the new instructions may result in the transfer being returned to the sending bank and delay receipt of funds.

Below, please find the updated instructions for incoming CHF wires:

Swift Code Field Tag Required Information
57A Beneficiary Bank Name:   BANK OF AMERICA MERRILL LYNCH
  SWIFT Address:   BOFACH2X
  Beneficiary Bank Address:   STOCKERSTRASSE 23 8002 ZURICH, SWITZERLAND
59 Beneficiary Account Name:   CUSTOM HOUSE FINANCIAL (UK) LIMITED
  Beneficiary Account Number:   CH4508726000050363020
70 Reference:   FFC: 1971-Your Account Name-Your Account Number